To see how a tutor can make a difference, take Mary as an example.

Mary had been studying A-level physics for 3 months before she came to us. In her own words:

"I bearly understood any of the concepts, before I called you."

The following is an excerpt from her end of year report:

"After a hesitant start Mary has made steady progress in all areas of the syllabus this year…"

"There has been a huge improvement in Mary’s confidence, especially over this term, she has joined in discussions more frequently and answered more questions during the lesson, showing greater belief in her own abilities."

Back to Mary again:

"I would never have done this without my tutor. He was very patient and always ready with different ways of explaining things if I did not understand at first."

"Thank you very much. I would highly recommend you to any struggling student."

Mary, SW16

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