About Us

We are a team of locally based tutors dedicated to providing superior private Maths and Science tuition services, to school and college students in the London Area - including the boroughs of Merton, Wandsworth, Lambeth, Sutton and Croydon.

Inter-personal skills and adaptive teaching styles are as vital as expert knowledge in creating an effective tutoring experience. That is why our tutors not only have exceptional educational credentials, but also display a rare ability to relate to and thereby assist students of all types.

Responsive to your needs and committed to your achievement, our tutors are renowned for offering the highest quality instruction, guidance, and encouragement to secure your academic success.

Our tutors are among the finest to be found anywhere. Young, dynamic, and approachable our tutors are selected for their exceptional ability to translate their own academic successes into dramatic improvements for you.

We supply the most qualified and effective tutors in every subject, for every exam, for every educational step our students take.

Our tutors range from current PhD. candidates and medical school students to recent graduates from our nation’s most prestigious undergraduate programs

Our Tutors

Rebecca Irene Penrice, Tutor
Rebecca teaches general science and, specializes in chemistry. She joined our team after she completed a PGCE science in 2008. What Rebecca likes most about tutoring is helping her students discover that learning can actually be enjoyable! She also believes that completing assignments does not have to be a tortuous task, but rather a chance for students to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding.
Rebecca holds a BSc. in Chemistry from University of London. She has worked as a teacher and a tutor for the past several years. Rebecca taught English as a foreign language in Taiwan, where she lived for 3 years, before moving back to the United Kingdom 2 years ago when she joined us.

Paul Croft, Tutor
Before joining us, Pauls’s independent tutoring and graduate research experience led him to the conclusion that the single most important factor in determining how a student will perform in school is the teacher’s ability to connect with his or her students. Paul joined us in order to help us create an educational environment that stresses individual learning styles and creativity.
When he tutors, Paul focuses primarily on struggling students with special circumstances and students with exceptional projects and ideas. What makes Paul most excited is the opportunity to turn a student’s education, and life, around. He has worked with students in danger of falling out of school, overachievers in pursuit of national recognition, and students for whom the textbook approach to class and test preparation simply wasn’t working. Paul gained his BMath. at Warwick University and a Master's Degree from the Imperial College London A great motivator, Paul loves Maths, and loves sharing his knowledge with his students, which he has been doing as a tutor with us for four years

Adam Silverton, Tutor
Adam believes that education not only expands ones intellectual breadth, it also affects the way in which their day-to-day lives are lived. A well-educated individual not only has more opportunities, but also finds opportunities where others do not.
When tutoring, Adam believes in a holistic approach. An understanding of individual facts may allow someone to pass a test. But an understanding of how facts interrelate and why, sharpens the critical capacities and creates a firm basis for future knowledge.
With a PGCE science from the Institute of Education and a thorough knowledge of the requirements of all the UK A-level physics and maths syllabuses, Adam has all the attributes necessary to ensure that his students get through those all-important exams.

Lindsey Taylor, Tutor
Lindsey enjoys tutoring all subjects, with a special interest in mathematics and science. She earned a MEng in Civil and Architectural Engineering from Bath University, graduating in 2007. With an Engineering background, Lindsey is great at giving real-world examples for hard problems that enable students to grasp difficult material. Lindsey likes to work with students who are struggling with the deep understanding of principles in math and science. She believes that thorough understanding of these principles will give her students the keys to their success.
Outside of tutoring, Lindsey has an appreciation for architecture and design as well as travel, the study of language, and modern art. After graduating from Bath, Lindsey worked for a year and a half in Shanghai, China as an Architect.

Jeffrey Clarke, Tutor
Jeffrey tutors mainly Mathematics and Economics at the secondary school and college level for us. Despite the view of some that quantitative reasoning simply eludes certain people, Jeffrey believes that any student can excel in this area with the proper coaching and support. Jeffrey hopes to instil the confidence in his students that they CAN DO MATHS!
Jeffrey holds a BA in Mathematics and Economics from the London School of Economics, and MSc. in Mathematical Finance from York University. Jeffrey is currently focused on evangelical mission for the furtherance of understanding of Maths.

David Benadict, Tutor
A recent graduate in physics from UCL and currently on leave from his PhD. studies in Nuclear Physics at Manchester University. With broad academic interests, mostly rooted in the physical sciences David joined our team to use his passion for teaching to help his tutees thrive.
David is also an avid musician. He dedicates his time away from college to writing and recording songs with his band, “Trapped in Amber”. His interest in the arts often overlaps with his interest in academia, making him a versatile tutor.
Committed to seeing his students achieve their best at exams, he is never happier than when a struggling and fretful student walks out of an exam with grades higher than their wildest explectations.

Erin McClellan, Tutor
She has interests in internal medicine, neurology, and preventive medicine. Although she is yet undecided on her specialty training, Erin has majored in biology with a concentration in neuroscience. This major required in-depth study of physics, chemistry, maths, and psychology.
During her time at Kings College London, she completed a thesis in behavioral science and psychiatry. She also spent time studying cognitive neuroscience using MRI technology. Erin has experience teaching high school and college students in science.
Erin enjoys long-distance running, hiking, ceramics, live music, and traveling.

Anna Green, Tutor
Anna believes that language is an art and a craft that, when honed to match its greatest potential, can serve as a powerful tool in this world. She received her Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from Leeds University while pursuing spoken word poetry and photography as extracurricular passions.
When tutoring, Anna strives to create a balance between the initial excitement students get from encountering new material and the patient leg-work that leads to mastery.
Besides reading and writing, Anna is interested in portraiture; music, particularly song writing; cooking, particularly experimenting with familiar ingredients; and biology.

Jenny Page, Tutor
Jenny loves tutoring science and believes that an inspired education can be tremendously fun. She developed a taste for mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology while at school. She graduated from Nottingham University in 2008 with an honours degree in chemistry and Biology. Jenny looks forward to working with you to help you achieve your goals. Jenny loves tutoring and looks forward to sharing her love of learning with others.

Joseph Pawlowski, Tutor
Joseph is a pre-medical student currently applying to medical school. His academic interests are broad, mostly rooted in the physical sciences.
Joseph holds a B.S. in mathematics with minors in biology and chemistry, from Bath University. He spent this past year conducting bio-mathematics research overseas in Rome, Italy where he worked with a team of biologists and mathematicians to mathematically model nuclear import of microtubule associated proteins. Joseph has experience tutoring high school and college students in mathematics and biology.
For fun, Joseph enjoys playing piano, international travel, going to the beach, taking long walks, and staying physically active.

Sohail Afiat, Tutor
Sohail has nine years of work experience as a private tutor in New York, London, San Francisco and Rome, with a background that includes managerial roles, advanced program training, curriculum design, staff training / supervision and boutique service. His teaching experience allows him to explain difficult concepts in plain and simple language and to break down complex problems into small and manageable steps. He strives to maintain a fully confident, professional and relaxed demeanour with students, which in turn inspires confidence within them and is essential to their performance. Over the years, Sohail has established a strong rapport with a number of long-term students, helping them to enter into schools of their choice and develop the skills and self-confidence needed for college and beyond.